Construction | Ace Billiard Service
Made to Last and Built to Perform!
Uniform Support
  • Uniframe support structure is formed combining one and one-half inch by four and one-half inch solid hardwood cross-members interlocked by heavy gauge steel bracketing. Cabinets are KD-able for difficult installation. Our uniform integral support system was engineered with strength and longevity in mind.
  • Solid hardwood cabinets are reverse-grained and laminated to resist the natural tendency of wood to warp or twist. To promote a flawless installation, cabinets are assembled, pre-leveled, and squared at our factory every model features a full slate support frame-liner.
Genuine Mother of Pearl Diamonds
  • Genuine mother of pearl inlayed diamond sights are an elegant compliment to all of our styles.
Top Rails
  • Solid Hardwood wide-profile top rails provide an elegant furniture appearance standard on all models. For an exact fit, aprons are attached at our factory. The Floating nut plate secures the rail and apron to the slate bed with unyielding torque strength; allowing fro exact alignment.
  • Accu-Ball Control cushions are k-66 tournament grade cushions formulated to respond consistently to ball momentum with dynamic accuracy! Rails are produced with a machine-stabilizing ridge to precisely align the cushions deliver consistent performance.
  • Solid Hardwood sub-rails are designed to deliver optimal ball response. They are reverse-grained and laminated to add weight and density, thus resisting the ball's impact and allowing for the cushion to absorb and react to the energy transference. Also, the cloth relief the rail system bolt down absolutely flush to the slate for added symmetry as well as strength.
Finest Slate
  • The finest slate is carefully selected. One inch three-piece oversized slate is featured on every model; it is matched, registered, and diamond-honed for a perfect playing surface that meets or exceeds BCA specifications.
  • Solidcore slate liner is laminated, milled and precision cut to exact tolerances to ensure a true level, a quiet game and clean felt installation.
Hardwood Cabinets
  • Solid hardwood leg mounts are solid as a rock.
  • Sporting great legs u2014 the corner system is the foundation on which everything else depends. The highest quality craftsmanship incorporates over-sized, mortised leg connecting stop block timbers.