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Cue Rack 1




#19-187 Oak & #19-188 Mahogany
Game Room Table/Cue & Ball Rack
Furniture finished tables featuring:

  • inset glass tops
  • holds ten cues
  • ball storage
  • detailed routing
  • 17" x 19" x 27" assembled
  • Shiped K.D in 1 carton

#19-174Oak & #19-175 mahogany

  • 15" Diameter
  • 29" Tall
  • 8 Cue



Cue Rack 2

Solid Wood 8 Cue Rack with 4 place roller counters, cone rack and ball storae. 34" x 57"

Available in:

  • Honey Finish #19-190
  • Oak Finish #19-191
  • Mahogany Finish #19-192


  • Display holds 36 balls

Cue Rack 3

New! Beautifully finished wall racks in oak, mahogany and maple finish.


Cue Rack 4

New! Beautifully finished wall racks in oak, mahogany and honey maple finish.


Cue Rack 5

Classic 10 Cue wall rack with Oak Finish 28" x 58"

Available in:

  • Mahogany Finish
  • Maple Finish



Cue Rack 6

Available in:

  • Solid Oak
  • Mahogany


Cue Rack 7

Available in:

  • Honey
  • Mahogany
  • Solid Oak
  • Oak
  • Walnut


Cue Racks and Accessories

  • Black Metal Floor Stand
  • Black Corner Cue Stand
  • Black Wall Rack
  • Chrome Hook
  • Chrome Bridge
  • White Fiberglass Bridge Stick
  • Black Fiberglass Bridge Stick - 2 Piece
  • Clear Acryllic Bridge Head – Fits Fiberglass Bridge Stick






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